Diverse YA is Taking Risks

2 thoughts on “Diverse YA is Taking Risks”

  1. Great write-up on the recent stirrings of support for more diversity in YA! It’s always been a bit of a struggle, in my humble opinion, but the grassroots drive and enthusiasm is definitely new and hopefully here to stay 🙂 Definitely hoping that publishers take more of a risk on the “mid-list” and that they change their minds on “diversity” as a fad-buzzword. Diversity has always been something that’s wanted–we just have an easier platform (social media) to make our voices heard and organized.

    Here’s to looking towards what the future holds–and maybe for some younger publishing folks to start making changes? >:U


    1. Absolutely agree that publishing needs to be more willing to change. And I hope that the newer people in publishing will be able to make a difference. Great point about social media making voices heard. I’m sure it’s made a huge difference from years before. I’m glad that it’s started in at least one subset of publishing. Thanks for reading!


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