Trimming My TBR

By Heather A. I love Goodreads because I can easily keep track of the books I’ve read and want to read, see what others are reading, and keep engaged in the book community. In addition to all the cool things I like about Goodreads, I also want to read a lot of books, but my … Continue reading Trimming My TBR

Best Bookish Newsletters

LitHub (daily) – Curated, literary themed articles and links. All star contributors. NYTimes Book Review (1x week) – Kinda self explanatory? Book Riot (daily) – Bookish content that ranges from book recommendations, podcasts, video, lists, contributor stories, and more. Off the Shelf (daily) – A website owned by Simon & Schuster frequently features guest posts … Continue reading Best Bookish Newsletters

Romance #FridayReads

By Heather A. Guess I’m in the romantic mood, I’ve been downloading and sneaking a lot of mass market romances out of work. They are a guilty pleasure, but more than that, these romances are more than just stereotypes. The more I read them the more I understand why it’s the best-selling genre it is. … Continue reading Romance #FridayReads